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Brick Wall


Our services reflect what Brick 13's mission is all about - to teach and coach leaders to take a stand and believe in their power to change the status quo for the greater good. 


Our founder, Dr. Jen Self, brings to the table over three decades of experience working as an organizational leader, developer, program manager, and educator across numerous sectors (higher education, nonprofits, government organizations, medical systems, corporations). They are deeply connected to the Seattle and PNW communities.


Guided by the core belief that bricks are cooperative, collaborative, and collective, Brick 13 always delivers these services together with a diverse and well-rounded consultant network from different sectors, places, and spaces.

Organizational Coaching, Consulting, Education, and Strategy

Our consultant network is fully equipped with some of Washington's brightest minds thinking about racial, gender, and social justice across the disciplines of education (K-12 & higher education), government systems, nonprofits, corporate spaces, and more. We are energized and ready to work alongside you as you transform the culture, systems, policies, and practices of your organization to bring about equity and access for everyone. Brick 13's work is authentically connected to the fire, drive, creativity, passion, life experiences, identities, landscapes of  knowledge, and diversity of thought of all our partners. Just like you, who we are is directly connected to our ability to bring our best selves to our work and to you.

Org JEDI Consulting

JEDI Executive Leadership Coaching

We know you want to be a leader who is accountable, trusted, connected, supported, and who leads by elevating the work of those around you and getting out of the way. Dr. Jen Self knows that it takes moment-to-moment intentional commitment to an intersectional anti-racist approach embedded throughout every aspect of one's work in order to resist, reform, & restructure deeply inequitable systems.

JEDI Leadership Coaching

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Consulting

If there is something specific that could further bind racial and gender justice work together to build a stronger societal foundation, it would be emotional intelligence or EQ. How does who you are matter in how you work? How does your race, gender, cultural background, connection to resources (and more) matter in how you lead and how you wield power? How do you influence the diversification of thought, experience, background, and nearly every aspect of humanity in your workplace? YOU have the power to leverage privilege and authority on behalf of equity, liberation, and expansion - and this can be brought into fruition when you have a clearer version and vision of YOU. Dr. Jen Self works with seasoned EQ consultants in this endeavor to ensure comprehensive assessments toward authentic change.

EQ Consulting

Speaking Engagements

At Brick 13 we speak truth to power. If you have met Dr. Jen Self, you know, they are nothing if not present, authentic, and vulnerable. They speak by telling stories, connecting with the audience or participants, and always with their signature fire and self-deprecating humor. You can book Dr. Self to deliver keynotes, to emcee events, to facilitate panels, to host Q&A with special guests, and more!

Speaking Engagements

Courses and Curriculum Auditing

Dr. Jen Self is an educator and clinician who has been honing their intuition, observational, listening, critical thinking, and communication skills since childhood. They always work in multiracial partnerships or with a multi-racial team when doing racial justice work. When the pandemic of 2020 set in, Dr. Self thought distance training, teaching, and learning would lose its intimacy, energy, and immediacy, but they have found quite the opposite. Now, everything is virtual.

Courses & Curriculum Auditing

Gender and Sexuality Consulting

Dr. Jen Self has decades of experience founding & directing programs, consulting, researching, teaching, and creating brave and open spaces for queer, trans, nonbinary, two-spirit, and people of all diverse enders, gender expressions, and sexualities (DGS). This work cannot be done well unless it is done from an intersectional anti-racist perspective. Dr. Self is here to guide you, your organizations, and your loved ones.

Gender & Sexuality Consulting

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