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Brick Wall

Our Partners

Fernell Miller Brick 13 Partner Black woman dark brown skin red tank smile silver necklace

Fernell Miller

The Roots of Us logo with a tree and roots stretching down between the two Os in Root
Erin Jones Brick 13 Partner Black woman light brown skin afro red lipstick big smile dimples

Erin Jones

The Athena Group logo with blue and black arcs in varying sizes spooning above the e in Athena
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Anjulie Ganti, Brick 13 Partner US South Asian woman light brown skin pink lipstick soft smile

Anjulie Ganti

School of Public Health logo Northwest Indian soul catcher 2 bear heads physical spiritual wellbeing
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Liz Cruz, Brick 13 Partner White woman,short curly dark hair, glasses, smile, scarf, purple top

Liz Cruz

Liz Cruz Consulting logo; Liz Cruz in purple handwriting style and text that reads queer leadership coach and consultant
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Vincent Perez, Brick 13 Partner Chicano light brown skin goatee mustache brown jacket blue shirt

Vincent Perez

Equity Institute logo e with a crescent moon spooning it next to the words equity institute
Apollo logo saying the word Apollo
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Kevin Miller Brick 13 Partner Black man dark brown skin white shirt glasses broad smile tight hair

Kevin Miller

All Approach logo two tear drop shapes interlocking one atop the other with pointed ends interlocked
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Norma Timbang Brick 13 Partner US Filipina with light brown skin glasses brown linen scarf

Norma Timbang

School of Social Work University of Washington logo
New Transitions Consulting logo with a water droplet reflecting a person in different angles beside a text that reads New Transitions Consulting
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Dr. Anu Taranath Brick 13 Partner US Indian woman brown skin dark lipstick radiant smile bold necklace

Dr. Anu Taranath

Dr. Anu Taranath Consulting logo with Dialogues for Justice under her name
  • LinkedIn
Theresa Ronquillo Brick 13 Partner US Filipina brown skin yellow sweater black shirt bright smile

Dr. Theresa Ronquillo

Embody Change logo with embody change written over a big blue C
  • LinkedIn
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