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We want leaders to think about yourselves in complex, nuanced ways. How does who you are matter in how you work? How does your race, gender, cultural background, connection to resources (and more) matter in how you lead and how you wield power? How do you influence the diversification of thought, experience, background, and nearly every aspect of humanity in your workplace? You have the power to leverage privilege and authority on behalf of equity, liberation, and expansion. We encourage and teach leaders to be intentional, thoughtful, and pay attention to the micro-moments that build to macro outcomes. Excellence is just fundamentals on repeat. Micro to macro, every. single. moment. matters.

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 Dr. Jen Self

Here is why Brick 13 is important to me: Bricks are solid, foundational, as they are one of the oldest, most durable building materials in the world. They are found globally in nearly every culture. They are hardy, resistant to pressure, withstand harsh weather and other hazards, they are survivors, thrivers, and resistors. Where there have been movements of resistance, there have been bricks. Bricks were thrown at Stonewall, it is used as a metaphor for the Civil Rights Movement. Bricks are cooperative, collaborative, no one brick believes it is THE BRICK, rather, a wall or a movement, for that matter, is built brick by brick.

Brick 13, DEI Consultant, DEI Consultant Near me, Brick 13 services


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Dr. Jen Self

Brick 13, DEI Consultant, DEI Consultant Near me
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Jen created an inviting and nonjudgmental space to help people figure out and become who they were at a time when that didn’t exist. They changed my life and the lives of countless others! Jen, helped lay the groundwork for our current paradigm shift ~ doing difficult and brave work at a very different time for the queer community.

Bri Stone, Pediatric Critical Care Fellow at Comer Children's Hospital, Chicago, IL 

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