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Radical love, person, and praxis is our fleetest path to justice.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) work is not singular in focus, nor is it linear, simplistic, or easily contained within one specific framework. JEDI work is about humanizing, historicizing, and healing all peoples within a context of dehumanizing structural and systemic oppression, manufactured and erased histories, and mass cultural traumas that have created and perpetuated acute and long-term soul wounds (Duran, 1998). It is about deeply reflecting upon, questioning, and transforming the structures, policies, practices, and procedures of our organization from the most minute to those with the greatest reach and impact. And, it is about healing ourselves and each other as we begin to shed the legacies of our participation in or targeting by systemic inequity.


Abstract Architecture


Jen created an inviting and nonjudgmental space to help people figure out and become who they were at a time when that didn’t exist. They changed my life and the lives of countless others! Jen, helped lay the groundwork for our current paradigm shift ~ doing difficult and brave work at a very different time for the queer community.

Bri Stone,

Pediatric Critical Care Fellow at Comer Children's Hospital, Chicago, IL 

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