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Dr. Jen Self

I am an LICSW in Washington state & formerly licensed in Oregon. I have been a therapist for 26 years, with an MS in Counseling, an MSW in Social Work, and a Ph.D. in Social Welfare and have practiced in just about every setting you can imagine: universities, law enforcement, LGBTQIA+ centers, community colleges, psychiatric units, emergency rooms, domestic violence organizations, personal growth seminars, private practice, and I currently supervise social workers for licensure in the state of Washington. I am the founding Director of the UW Q Center ( & organized for intersectional racial & gender justice in WA, OR, & CA in the last 30 years. For more:

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Clinical Orientation: I practice interpersonal process therapy (IPT), emphasizing interpersonal relations & one's early experiences. I am warm, direct, engaging, & dynamic. IPT highlights the healing power of a caring, confiding relationship. My approach is informed by critical, intersectional race, feminist, and queer theory, which is inclusive of concepts such as emergent strategy, non-hierarchical organizing and community building, the reality of multiple truths, a deep love ethic, and the centrality of humor. play, and celebration as resistance. All of this lends to a dynamic process where we are a team designing your goals, exploring, processing, and integrating your learning. You are the expert of you, and I bring expertise in from an array of professional training, life experiences, deep observation, listening, and intuition.

What you see is what you get with me. I am funny, authentic, deeply empathic, and work hard to create spaces that feel secure for all of my clients. Looking forward to working with you.

**My demographics: white, queer, genderqueer (they/them), raised upper-middle class in a very tiny rural area, live middle class in a city, not religious but familiarity with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hindu religions/cultures, non-Native, U.S. citizen, parent of a nearly 13-year old, partner and spouse, and forever 45.

Directly turning to look into ourselves, right at our behaviors, our desires, our experiences, both positive and negative, can feel daunting. We have been taught to fear ourselves, our mistakes, our emotions, whatever we believe might be our shortcomings and yet, the magic of therapy is so simple: truth, acceptance, allowing space for what is; so that what can be may begin to take shape.

Therapy With

Dr. Jen Self

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Individual Therapy

  • Justice-centered therapy-historicizing, contextualizing individual concerns within broader systems of power

  • Deconstructing & decolonizing internalized white supremacy

  • Stress & fatigue due to social justice movement work

  • Kink, BDSM, & leather affirming
  • Non-monogamy/polyamory

  • Interconnected experiences of privilege & oppression (race, class, gender, sexuality, etc.) 

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Gender Confirming/ Affirming Therapy 

Gender affirming care including:

  • Single evaluations

  • Support letters for gender confirming medical care

  • Exploring gender identity & expression

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Relationships & Families

  • Couples, throuples, & more

  • Friendships

  • Difficulties in communication

  • Families with gender questioning, nonconforming, nonbinary, and/or transgender family members