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"Look at how beautiful you are!" A line usually for young girls Not really "strong and tough" They much complimented our curls

Unlike all the other young boys Who were always asked Always expected to be physical For young girls, this would come last

I was expected to be calm To not express rage and anger But boys just went on and on To proving who's the best fighter

"That's not for girls." People told me for liking cars But when I chanced upon car magazines I found women, less clothed, but with faces like ours

As if it was unfortunate to be a girl There is always that uncertainty When boys cried or nagged or stayed silent "Don't act like a girl, you sissy."

Every bit of injustice and inequality Start from these things considered little With every punch or remark People choose not to think, but just settle

Young girls get the pink ones Young boys get blue I never did get clear answers Whenever I asked if colors can change you

by Allison Atis

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