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Of pans and pansexuality


We've heard all the jokes.

No, it's not an attraction

to non-stick nor cast iron.

You can think of cooking though

even food or taste.

It's appreciating quality,

regardless of ingredients, even quantity.

Or fine, think of pans

and all its varying types.

It is recognizing what you want, appreciating what you need.

It is caring and letting your heart lead.

On a much serious note,

we can learn a thing or two

from pansexuality and panromanticism.

Of looking beyond layers, loving despite criticism.

Of opening up to possibilities,

thinking beyond binaries.

Of stretching realms for passion,

for kindness, with love in all forms as its mission.

So yeah, it's not an attraction

to non-stick or cast iron.

It's seeing and loving people as people

…and lovingly arguing that for non-stick, you should use wood, not metal.

written by Allison Atis

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