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Keep Quiet

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

When I was little, A boy got my toy and ruined it I was told that he just liked me So I just kept quiet

When I was a teen, My feelings were played with I was told it was natural So I just kept quiet

At the same time, My body was also played with I was told to shut up, it's my fault So I just kept quiet

When I was growing up, I also saw how everybody changed Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars I didn't like the thought, but I just kept quiet

When I was older, I realized the gravity of being quiet So I spoke, I shouted, I was angry Still, I was told to keep quiet

The false dichotomy, the ad hominems thrown because you should just stand still will just go on and on if we just keep quiet

There is no right time or right moment To scream, to shout, to be firm I would rather be part of laughters and smiles than to just sit still, and be quiet.

by Allison Atis

This piece was first published in the 365 Wonders 2019 Planner Edition Feminism by Woman, Create. Check out the Instagram post here.

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