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Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Flight, strength, teleportation;

these are powers people would want to have.

Among all these, upon rumination,

Invisibility seems what most love.

With the power to stay hidden

often equated to staying safe,

invisibility seems golden,

but for some, it's like living in a cave.

A cave full of expectations,

based on binaries and dual standards.

Boxed in unyielding limitations,

invisibility feels backwards.

For folks who have always been invisible

its power seems to falter,

when compared to who's visible

it's like treading turbulent water.

The visible becoming invisible

is known to be powerful.

But when the invisible becomes visible,

it's not just powerful - it's also hopeful.

There is power in these instances,

when not viewed as binary opposition.

Achieving clarity, cutting distances,

invisible and visible, together a powerful vision.

Non-binary appreciation day - I didn’t know it was a thing, which just about sums up my experience with gender growing up in the 70s and 80s back when boys were boys, girls were girls, and the rest of us were silent. It was a heavy quiet, but even without words I knew my magic when I was six. I felt it in my body and saw it reflected back in the stares I endured. Alchemy is scary to some. A mysterious process of transformation through the combination of multiplicity...hmmm...that sounds like lots of someone's I know.

We non-binary, genderqueer alchemists have been catalysts in our cultures for thousands of years, being healers, counselors, ceremonial leaders, warriors, and of course just regular folx. Our very existence cracks open the White supremacist colonizing tool that is the gender binary opposition. Spilling out from this fracturing, is the liberatory possibility of the third. This third possibility breaks the binary and unleashes the infinite. We are non-binary alchemists, animating liberation via infinite possibility. You’re welcome.

We see you and feel you, always. #internationalnonbinarypeoplesday

written by Jen Self and Allison Atis

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